Private Consulting

Private Consulting

Let me partner with you on your venture.

Business by the BOOK

Partnering with the Budding Entrepreneur & Organizational Leader

Let me help you take the guesswork out of marketing while you focus on developing your business.

Business by the BOOK

The "Do It With Me" Marketing Development Model You've Been Looking For

Build as You Work

When you start a business, there are so many factors to consider from incorporating with your local registrar to beginning the marketing process with the design of your logo and brand design. And while there are a plethora of resources available on the internet and at your disposable, too much information can quickly become overwhelming, leaving you discouraged and unsure about the step. My method speeds up the start up process and lets you dive right into lead generation strategy!

Grow as You Learn

My coaching business model is unique and different from other methods you’re probably familiar with. As a former working entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of starting and growing a business while maintaining a 9-to-5 job. Simply stated, it’s hard! My approach to helping you develop your business cuts 50% of your startup efforts while providing a wealth of resources, tools and learning material to help your business get off the ground!

Pay as You Go

Along with the mental and foundational pressures of starting a business, there are also financial factors to consider. Contrary to what you may have heard: it takes money to grow a business. Successful businesses require financial investment from as low as website hosting costs to a larger amount of funds needed to hire your first employee. That’s why I’ve developed several payment models to help alleviate the stress of high upfront costs. Review the options on this page.

Business by the BOOK

Partnering with the Working Entrepreneur


5 Step Program

Pre-Meeting Survey
This initial process helps me evaluate where you are in the business and marketing building phase. Here is also where we both discover the goals you have set for the future of the business.
Initial Private Consulting Session
After a brief overview of your written plans through answers to the survey, we will meet to further discuss your overall marketing goals and develop a thorough marketing plan.
Review of Customized Marketing Plan
It takes about two weeks to complete your customized marketing plan. Once this is completed, we will meet once again to review and discuss our next steps to implementing the details of the plan.
Software and Resource Structure & Setup
Once settled into a sales and lead generation strategy, as well as complete development of your brand and marketing tactics, I will provide on and/or offline resources that will aid in the implementation.
Implementation Review & Business Check-Up
After 3 to 6 month period of marketing plan, software resources, and sales and lead generation strategy implementation, we will reconvene to review your progress and make any necessary adjustments, if need be.

$1499 Program

(3-Month Payment Plan Option Available)

Business by the BOOK

Making the Building Process Easier and more Convenient with My Unique Coaching Approach


By the Hour

I know what it’s like to build a business and organization while still being employed. I understand the responsibilities that persist as you’re building out your dreams. That’s why these payment models were designed to alleviate the financial pressures of developing a business or organization.

$160 per Hour

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