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Business Shaped Solutions

We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs.

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8-Week Marketing Program

Our 8-week online marketing program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop a strong understanding of how to effectively market their business. Throughout the program, participants will gain comprehensive insights into key marketing topics such as social media, email, content, and more. By providing participants with practical skills and strategic insights, our program equips entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop and implement effective marketing campaigns that engage their target audience, generate leads, and grow their business.

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Interactive Marketing Plan

We will use an online interactive marketing plan program to manage and analyze your marketing. My platform is an all-in-one marketing planning solution that assists businesses in designing marketing funnels, guaranteeing consistency with their marketing message and brand across all channels, assigning tasks, collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders, facilitating real-time comments and chats with team members, generating realistic projections, setting optimal prices for offers to maximize revenue potential, launching funnels, and reviewing plans in action with a single click while simultaneously implementing changes in real-time.


Give your whole campaign a home on Marketplan’s canvas. Connect every part of your marketing to one easy-to-use, live updating, dynamic map and stop juggling marketing apps.

For a congruent campaign that works, you need a congruent workspace that works for you. Take what used to be all over the place and organize it all into one space.



Keep your team all on the same page (literally). Assign tasks, create comments, chat and send files, get progress notifications, and update to-do’s on the Kanban, all without leaving the app.

Reconnect your team to the core of your campaign by collaborating directly in MarketPlan. Give each part of your team vision by centering communication around your marketing canvas and assets.



Never undersell or overspend on your marketing again. Project your CPC, total Ad spend, visitors, leads, conversion rates, sales, run dynamic scenarios, and calculate your ROI all before you even set your campaign live.

Never get caught off guard in your campaign. Determine your KPI’s beforehand and make sure you hit the numbers you need to succeed.



Real numbers, real decisions, real profit. Dynamically track your Live campaign with real-time analytics. In MarketPlan, your funnels are more than just plans, they’re real campaigns updating in real time.

Flip a switch and your see your hard work, work for you. All your numbers turn from projections to real people when you launch your campaign live.

our philosophy

Our Core Values and Principes

We’ve designed a culture that allows our stewards to assimilate with our clients and bring the best of who we are to your business. Our culture drives our – and more importantly – your success.

Business to Business

AI and Machine Learning Analytics Solutions

Business Idea

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Customer Strategy

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Moving Forward

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.


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