Erika is a highly skilled marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is the founder of a successful marketing firm and has served as a Marketing Advisor for over 400 small businesses, as well as a Marketing Executive for non-profit organizations where she has led numerous community initiatives.

Erika is a former and returning Business Advisor for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and Small Business Administration (SBA) entity, where she has provided invaluable assistance to over 450 business owners, helping them procure government contracts and providing over 750 marketing and business training workshops. Her guidance and expertise have resulted in over $4.5 million in profits for her clients. During her tenure, Erika also taught a business marketing course at San Diego City College once a quarter, and was the business liaison for the Logan Heights Community Development Center.

Prior to her work with the SBDC, Erika gained valuable marketing experience across a variety of industries, including civil engineering, commercial construction, medical, and non-profit religious organizations. During her time in the corporate setting, she successfully developed community partnerships, managed innovative programs, and worked on brand re-development and communication execution. Erika also led marketing efforts in Solar Renewable Energy and Civil Engineering at companies like Swinerton Builders and Simon Wong Engineering, working closely with engineers and estimators to secure the company’s largest solar and construction project, a historic $500 million endeavor. Her contributions were instrumental in winning multiple construction and solar projects with profits totaling approximately $100 million.

After pursuing her passion for ministry, Erika became the Marketing & Media Director for Bayview Baptist Church. In this highly active and well-known community leader organization, Erika performed a high level of knowledge and detail. She completely rebranded the entire organization and developed a comprehensive integrated marketing plan while leading its first marketing and media production team.

Erika has provided digital marketing training for several organizations throughout the country, including marketing training courses at San Diego City College, The National City Chamber of Commerce, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), The San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce, Urban League of San Diego, The Procurement Technical Center of San Diego (PTAC), and The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce. She also provided marketing instruction at the annual America’s SBDC Conference. Erika continues marketing consulting work with ConnectAll @ Jacobs Center, a business-lending cohort program in San Diego, and Accesity (formerly Accion), a business lending program for small businesses.

In addition to her professional work, Erika is also an active member of her community. She founded “ReClaim,” a quarterly faith-based lifestyle print and digital magazine, in response to rising racial tension in the country.

Erika has also served as the Vice President of Communications for the National University of Florida Black Alumni Association.

Erika is the founder of Virtuous Gems, Inc., a non-profit Christian organization that provides mentorship to young ladies ages 13-18 in a spiritually-based sisterhood environment. The organization offers a seven-week “cut-and-polish process” that includes character development and social etiquette workshops, college preparation activities, community service, and Bible study.

Erika holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising with a minor in African American Studies from the University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Media Design from Full Sail University.

Erika is a comprehensive expert in various fields such as web, mobile, and graphic design, project management, corporate branding and promotion, omnichannel marketing, CRM and lead generation, email marketing, social media management, e-commerce development, search engine optimization, and marketing strategy.

As a marketing expert, nonprofit manager, and Bible teacher, Erika has become a sought-after instructor and speaker across the country. Drawing on her extensive marketing and nonprofit management experience, she provides valuable insights into marketing strategies for business and organizational growth. Erika is also well-versed in marketing for ministries and nonprofit organizations, and offers a unique life application approach that resonates with audiences. Along with her marketing expertise, she is a gifted communicator and has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge of marketing and the Word of God. Her speaking engagements are marked by dynamic presentations and engaging, interactive sessions that inspire and inform. Whether instructing and inspiring small groups or large audiences, Erika’s goal is always to help individuals and organizations achieve their marketing goals while making a positive impact on their communities.

Erika values her relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as her family and friends.

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Erika is a highly skilled marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is the founder of a successful marketing firm and has served as a Marketing Advisor for over 400 small businesses, as well as a Marketing Executive for non-profit organizations where she has led numerous community initiatives.


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Building a Marketing Empire

With a successful marketing firm, a nonprofit organization, and several tech and online brands under her belt, Erika has established an impressive marketing and entrepreneurship empire.

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Passion is at the Heart of What I Do

I don’t simply engage in theoretical digital marketing, but I actually possess tangible skills in the discipline. And, my unwavering passion for marketing, entrepreneurship and helping people fuels my drive to continually learn and develop new skills, stay up-to-date with trends, and explore innovative marketing strategies. Below are a list of tangible skills I have and continue to build upon.

digital strategy
55 %
search engine optimization
75 %
Market Research and Analysis
68 %
CRM and Marketing Automation
68 %
internet marketing
68 %
Email Marketing
68 %
Web and Graphic Design
98 %
Content Creation and Copywriting
68 %
Data Analysis & Analytics
68 %
branding/brand development
68 %

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